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Working with Children

“Being a part of children’s development, seeing them at play and helping them explore the world makes you feel quite special.”
Jane Alexander, Chief Executive Officer

Whether you want to lead a team or work for yourself from home, there’s a role for you. There are a variety of careers available working with children.

Help inspire the next generation to reach their full potential.

Working with children

There are many different opportunities and places where you can work in both early years and children’s social care.

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Social Services

Social Services provide a wide range of support that seeks to improve the well-being of children, families and carers.

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Playgroup and Cylch Meithrin

Playgroups/ Cylchoedd Meithrin are also referred to as ‘Sessional Care’. Each session is usually provided for up to four hours a day and children who attend are supported to learn through play and active involvement.

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Home Care

Home care is also known as domiciliary care. These services provide essential care and support for children and young people who live at home. This support is built around children and young people’s needs and routines to helps them remain in their home in a safe and supported way.

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Foster Care

Foster care is a way of providing a secure family environment for children who are unable live with their own parents.

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Day Nursery and Crèche facilities

Day nurseries and crèches provide an essential service to working parents by offering childcare to children from birth.

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Home-based Childcare

Homebased childcare is where a child is cared for within a home environment. This could be their own home, such as a nanny, or the childminder’s home.

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Residential Children’s Homes

A ‘residential children’s home’ or ‘children’s home’ is a place where children that cannot live with their own family live.

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Flying Start

Flying Start is a funded programme that supports families with children under the age of four in some of the most deprived areas in Wales.

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Real stories from real people

There is no better way know if you have what it takes to work with children than hearing from people who are currently doing the job. Below are a selection of films for you to view.


Tayla Baker
Play Worker

Tayla works with children to inspire, learn and develop through play, in the secure and safe environment of Cwtch Nursery.

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Andrew Mack
Care Support Worker

Andrew is a dedicated, intuitive Care Support Worker who enriches and enhances the lives of every child and family he supports. He adapts his approach to every child, using communication tools to understand their thoughts, wishes, feelings and choices.

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Jane Alexander
Chief Executive Officer

Jane has worked in various roles and settings within the Early Years sector. Starting out in a voluntary position, she was able to complete her qualifications and Continuing Professional Development training in order to progress her career to her current role, overseeing the delivery of Early Years Wales for the last five and a half years.

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Job vacancies in care

Wales needs more social care workers.

Many people working in social care have made the jump from jobs such as hospitality or retail. Use your transferable skills and apply for roles in your area now.