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New to care

At WeCare Wales you can learn about the roles available, search for jobs, work experience and volunteering opportunities.

Come and join us!

Wales needs thousands more people to work in caring roles with adults and children by 2030 if it’s to keep pace with the growing demand for care services and provide support for communities across Wales. Currently, around one in 17 adults in Wales works in social care or early years and childcare (around 113,000 people), but this area of work is still growing.

Our aim

WeCare Wales aims to help attract more people to work in social care and early years and childcare in Wales and show the variety of roles and career progression opportunities available. By using real care workers, we focus on the challenges they face as well as what makes their work rewarding and worthwhile.

How we can help

Your journey into social care

Within social care you can work in a variety of settings with both adults and children. No two days are the same and you will help people live more comfortable lives. You will improve the health of the individual through physical, emotional, and social support. You will help people develop or maintain their independence, dignity and respect.

Your journey into childcare

Being a part of a child’s development, seeing them at play and helping them explore the world is a rewarding job. Whether you want to lead a team or work for yourself from home, there’s a role for you.