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WeCare Wales are at the National Eisteddfod and sponsoring the day on 6 August with our Care Day.

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Sessional Day Care Manager

As a Sessional Day Care Manager you’ll be responsible for the overall quality, delivery and sustainability of your setting.

Helen's Story

Helen is a Nursery Leader at Ysgol Feithrin Pontypool and is passionate about teaching the next generation through the medium of Welsh.

Being a Sessional Day Care Manager

You’ll be the ‘person in charge’ and responsible for the day-to-day operation of the setting, providing guidance, supervision and support to the staff. You’ll help plan daily activities to help the children learn and provide a safe and stimulating environment. You’ll also give supportive feedback to parents.

About the workplace

Playgroups can be run privately or by a committee of local parents or carers. The sessions are often held in community centres, schools or nurseries. They can take place during term time only, or during the school holidays and can provide support services around local primary schools.

Getting started as a Sessional Day Care Manager

To be successful in this role, you’ll need:

  • leadership and management skills
  • a caring and patient nature
  • good communication, including verbal and listening skills
  • to be able to build good relationships
  • imagination and creativity
  • to be able to adapt to changing situations
  • to make sure every child is included
  • confidence around children and adults
  • planning and budgeting skills
  • to be able to work in partnership
  • to be able to adhere to required standards and regulation
  • attention to detail and ability to complete any documentation that is necessary.

You might want to consider the Introduction to childcare programme that covers the essentials you need to start working in childcare.

Required Qualifications

Find the required or recommended qualifications for this role with Social Care Wales.

Find a job in care

If you’re thinking of a career in care, take a look at our jobs board to get an idea of the type of roles available.