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Why you should offer an apprenticeship programme in your organisation.

WeCare Wales have been speaking to employers across Wales to help understand the benefits of recruiting apprentices into the care sector.

As an employer you will:

  • attract enthusiastic young people and career changers
  • reduce staff turnover and improve retention
  • help balance ageing workplaces
  • offer more opportunities in your company
  • provide opportunities for learning
  • build people's knowledge skills and experience so they can take on more responsibility
  • take on a mentor to support people as they develop
  • nurture and develop staff to grow within the values of your organisation
  • make sure the learner has time with their learning provider
  • review and appraise their progress with them
  • identify career progression opportunities and support people to follow those pathways.

Written case studies

Ceredigion council believes apprenticeships bring in new talent into the workforce and support people to stay in Ceredigion. Their apprentices could be the managers of tomorrow, and they genuinely value and support their progression in the council.

Here's some further guidance on apprenticeships:

Guidance for employers

Find out more about running apprenticeships within your organisation, the benefits, funding and eligibility, apprenticeship levels and how to recruit.

Guidance for Local Authorities

Find out more about running apprenticeships and how local authorities can recruit apprentices or train existing staff using apprenticeships.

Employing an apprentice

Visit Business Wales for more information about recruit support and hiring your apprentice.

Learning providers certification

Information on the role of Social Care Wales and Apprenticeship Certification Wales.