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16 November 2021

National Safeguarding Week

If you’re thinking of getting a job in social care or early years and childcare, take a look at Social Care Wales’s new online training to help you spot signs of abuse, harm or neglect of children or adults.

Social Care Wales’s bilingual e-learning package will give you a practical understanding of safeguarding. After completing it, you will be able to:

  • explain the term ‘safeguarding’
  • recognise abuse or the risk of abuse, harm, or neglect
  • know what actions to take if you see or suspect abuse, harm, or neglect, or if someone tells you they are being abused
  • understand the basics of laws around safeguarding
  • recognise that you have a duty to report abuse, harm, or neglect.

Take a look at this video, an introduction to safeguarding…

For more information about learning and understanding safeguarding, visit Social Care Wales website.

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