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30 March 2020

Key workers always, not just in times of crisis

The recognition by the Government of social workers and social care workers as key workers in helping tackle coronavirus has been welcomed by Social Care Wales Chief Executive Sue Evans.

“They often don’t wear the badges or uniforms of people like policemen and nurses, so you may not recognise them in the street. But that doesn’t make care workers any less valuable in helping keep our most vulnerable people safe and well, by meeting their emotional and personal care needs.

“It’s just disappointing that it’s taken an unprecedented crisis like coronavirus to prompt this kind of recognition for workers who are critical to providing fantastic care and support, 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year to people of all ages in every community across Wales.

“In this current crisis, when there is likely to be such a high demand for clinicians and beds, it will be important for people to be able to leave hospital at the right time, and care workers will be essential in making this happen by providing them with the support they need at home.

“To make this work well, strong partnership between local social services, social care providers and the NHS will be vital to keep our health and social care system going and successfully treat those affected by the virus.

“Hopefully, when this crisis is over, and care workers will, as ever, have demonstrated clearly how valuable they are to our society, they will continue to be recognised as key workers. This may mean funding will then be made available to bring wages and terms and conditions to levels more comparable to NHS workers and more reflective of the contribution care workers make to our well-being,” added Sue.

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