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19 March 2019

World Social Work Day 2019

World Social Work Day is a day where all social workers join to celebrate the achievements of the profession. World Social Work Day 2019 is all about promoting human relationships, and who knows better than our campaign supporter Amy Davies?

Amy became a qualified social worker because she wanted to make a difference to families’ relationships. She now works to find forever homes for children and supports vulnerable families to cope with various issues.

Promoting human relationships, and empowering individuals is vital to working as a social worker.


We asked Amy about her role as a social worker:

Question 1: Why are you passionate about your role?

“I’m very passionate about building relationships and I work hard for families to stay together, even if that means we go through difficulties together. That’s my passion.”


Question 2: Do you face any challenges?

“Sometimes you’ve got families that are difficult, and you build the trust so they’re willing to work hard with you.”


Question 3: What kind of person does it take to become a social worker?

“You’ve got to have a really good sense of humour because, if you don’t, you won’t be able to connect with the people you support.”



Do you have what it takes to become a social worker?

To find out more about becoming a social worker you can visit our social worker page, or contact an employer in your area.


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