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17 November 2020

WeCare Wales Week: Day two - Home Care

Home care is also known as domiciliary care. These services provide essential care and support for people who live in their own homes.  This support is built around people’s needs and routines to helps them remain in their home in a safe and supported way.

Here, we share stories from some of the amazing people working in home care across Wales.

Jade, Care Worker at ISS Healthcare

22-year-old Jade started her journey into care with ISS Healthcare back in May 2017. Founded in 2001, ISS Healthcare provides social care services to hundreds of people living across the South Wales region.

Jade currently cares for Shaun, a 27-year-old vulnerable adult who has recently moved back home after a three-year residential placement. He suffers from quadriplegic cerebral palsy, learning difficulties and epilepsy.

Initially, living at home presented some challenges for Shaun, which led to Jade having to complete specialist training to help Shaun manage his epilepsy and his visual impairment safely at home. In the time that Jade has cared for Shaun, they’ve built a real bond.

“We’re both in our twenties, so it’s actually like we’re friends,” said Jade. “With a bit of support, Shaun’s able to meet his friends, attend cookery classes and music concerts – all the things people our age enjoy doing. It’s lovely to chat with him about these things and have shared interests.”

There are many rewarding parts of Jade’s job, but one of the most rewarding factors for her is how she’s able to support Shaun’s mum and enable her to continue her work as a teacher. “It’s brilliant because it means that she’s able to teach and do what she loves every day, whilst also being confident that Shaun is receiving the support he needs,” explains Jade. “It’s amazing to know that as well as supporting Shaun, I can also play a small part in helping her out too.”

Sarah, Care Assistant at Bluebird Care

Here, Sarah at Bluebird Care in Newport demonstrates the positive difference she makes to citizens in Newport who require care and support…

Lisa, Home Care Supervisor at Support@Home

Having worked at Support@Home for 21 years, Lisa has built a really meaningful career in care. Lisa started as a Home Care Worker and held a number of roles within the company before becoming Home Care Supervisor. As part of her job, she manages 21 carers who work across the community, visiting people in their homes.

“Initially it was the flexible hours that attracted me to apply for a role in care as I had a young family to look after,” Lisa told us. “However, once I started working with the individuals in their homes, I was hooked. It’s such an amazing feeling to know that you’re one of the reasons that an individual is able to remain in their home.”

Reflecting on her career in care, and what’s made it so successful, Lisa said, “I think you need to have a certain character to be a care worker. You need to be able to empathise with individuals while remaining professional. If you’re able to do that, you will love every single second of it.”

Jayne, Home Care Worker and WeCare Wales Award finalist

Jayne is a Home Care Worker and is part of Bridgend County Borough Council’s Bridgestart Scheme, enabling people have the correct level of care to stay safely in the home they wish to remain in…

Lynne, Supervisor at Lougher Home Care

Having worked as a supervisor at Lougher Home Care for six years, Lynne is held in high regard within the Gwent community, which is hardly surprising as her story shows how she goes above and beyond in her job.

Lynne currently cares for a lady called Yvonne. Recently, Yvonne’s daughter became very poorly in Scotland, and despite having a fear of flying, Lynne decided she would escort Yvonne on the plane journey to Scotland in order to ensure she had the support she needed. She told us that, “fear didn’t even enter the equation. I felt I needed to take Yvonne so she could see her daughter for the last time. And as soon as I saw Yvonne’s smile when we saw her daughter, it was all worthwhile.” 

Lynne also supports a gentleman named David on a voluntary basis. She had initially cared for David’s wife in her role as a care worker. She now supports David with his weekly shopping and makes sure he attends important appointments. David says, “Lynne has kept in touch with me since the loss of my wife Barbara. I love to see her pop in wearing her yellow top. She always has a kind word for me and helps me with my shopping out of the goodness of her heart.”

Home Care Services

As our population ages, home care is becoming essential to people across Wales. But what exactly is home care and why is it so important?

We run through what home care involves and give advice on how to find a provider near you. We also have some insight into what working in the field is like, along with some links to help you find home care jobs.

Find a job in care

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