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Social Services Practitioner

As a Social Services Practitioner, you’ll work in partnership with other professionals and agencies to promote person-centred outcomes for individuals with care and support needs and within communities.

Being a Social Services Practitioner

This role is also known as Social Services Practitioner. You’ll be involved in sharing information and advice with individuals through their assessment, planning, the delivery of services or support and the review stages of the work.

About the workplace

You’ll work with a variety of people and communities in need of care and support. You’ll be assigned to a team, working with; older people, people with disabilities or mental health issues, children and their families or carers. This role may involve working with individuals in their own homes, day centres, residential homes, schools, hospitals and other public, private or voluntary organisations.

Getting started as an Social Services Practitioner

To be successful in this role you'll need:

  • good communication and interpersonal skills
  • to be a good listener
  • a flexible approach to work
  • the ability to empathise
  • the ability to build effective relationships and develop rapport
  • the ability to be creative and solution-focussed
  • a tactful, caring and patient nature
  • a non-judgemental attitude
  • resilience and the ability to deal with difficult situations
  • good time management and administrative skills
  • computer literacy.

You might want to consider the Introduction to social care programme that covers the essentials you need to start working in social care.

Required Qualifications

Find the required or recommended qualifications for this role with Social Care Wales.

Visit Social Care Wales

You will not need to be registered with Social Care Wales.

Training programmes

If you’re considering a career in care, we have a range of training programmes available to help you get started.

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