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Home/ Domiciliary Care Manager

As a Home Care Manager, you’ll set the operational direction and organise the effective running of the service. You’ll ensure that staff provide the best possible care and support.

Being a Home Care Manager

You’ll provide effective leadership for staff and carry out supervisions. You’ll communicate with staff members within your team to help them understand their role in providing care and support.

You’ll complete paperwork and keep records up to date, including essential regulatory documentation.

About the workplace

As our population ages, home care is becoming essential to people across Wales. Home care is also known as domiciliary care. These services provides care and support for people who live in their own homes.

Dawn’s story

Dawn didn’t think she could progress in her career because of her learning difficulties but with the right support she is now a successful Home Care Manager in South Wales.

Required Qualifications

Find out more information on qualifications for this role with Social Care Wales. 

You will also need to be registered with Social Care Wales. You can apply to register or search the register online.

Introduction to social care

Fully funded course for people 18+ living in Wales covering the essentials you need to start working in social care.

Getting started as a Home Care Manager

To be successful in this role, you’ll need:

  • a passion for working with people
  • good communication skills
  • empathy and compassion
  • motivation and determination
  • the ability to build trusting relationships
  • to be a good team player
  • to be well organised
  • flexibility
  • the ability to make and maintain accurate records
  • resilience
  • the ability to adapt to challenging and changing situations
  • an open and inclusive approach
  • leadership and management skills
  • the ability to give direction and supervision to other members of the team
  • a full understanding of legal requirements and regulations that are involved with the role
  • attention to detail, ensuring correct information is recorded in all paperwork

Find a job in care

If you’re thinking of a career in care, take a look at our jobs portal to get an idea of the type of roles available.