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As a Home care co-ordinator, you’ll co-ordinate the work of a team of Home Care Workers and Home Care Senior Care Workers.

An older woman in an armchair, smiling and playing a flat wooden stringed instrument. A care co-ordinator is with her, smiling

Being a Home Care Co-Ordinator

You’ll plan and allocate home visits to an appropriate Home Care Worker or Senior Worker, ensuring that the skills and attributes of the worker are closely matched with the individual. You’ll also respond to changes to plans and rotas that happen at short notice, keeping everyone involved informed.

You’ll make sure rotas and schedules for work are organised and planned to allow staff enough time to visit people and travel between different households. You’ll liaise with family members and other professionals.

You’ll be responsible for maintaining accurate records, showing organisation and attention to detail. You can also progress into senior roles such as Home Care Deputy Manager or Manager.

About the workplace

Home care is also known as domiciliary care. These services provide essential care and support for adults and children who live in their own homes.

Karima's story

Karima has worked as a home care worker for 15 years. Originally from Libya, Karima has a degree in Geology. As a single mother, she first got into care because it gave her the flexibility to care for her child, as well as others.

Required Qualifications

Find out more information on qualifications for this role with Social Care Wales. 

You will also need to be registered with Social Care Wales. You can apply to register or search the register online.

You can also progress to become a Senior Home Care Worker or Home Care Manager.

Introduction to social care

Fully funded course for people 18+ living in Wales covering the essentials you need to start working in social care.

Getting started as Home Care Co-ordinator

To be successful in this role, you’ll need:

  • attention to detail
  • good communication skills
  • empathy and compassion
  • the ability to build trusting relationships
  • to be a good team player
  • to be well organised
  • flexibility
  • the ability to make and maintain accurate records
  • resilience
  • the ability to adapt to challenging and changing situations
  • an open and inclusive approach
  • the ability to give direction to other members of the team.

Find a job in care

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