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Residential Child Care Manager

As a Residential Childcare Manager, you’ll set the operational direction and organise the effective running of the home

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Being a Residential Child Care Manager

You’ll have thorough knowledge of the care plan for the children and young people who live in the home. You’ll be responsible for completing up to date records for residents, any regulatory documentation and manage recruitment and disciplinary processes.

You’ll provide leadership, guidance and support to staff ensure that staff adhere to company policies, legislations, and regulations, and that all care plans and standards are met. You’ll also carry out supervisions and attend meeting with educational settings, the police social workers and other agencies.

About the workplace  

Residential children’s homes are also known as children’s homes. They’re a place where children and young people can live if they cannot be at home with their own families.

Getting started as a Residential Child Care Manager

To be successful in this role, you’ll need: 

  • Leadership and management skills
  • Good communication, including verbal and listening skills
  • Motivation and determination
  • Attention to detail, ensuring correct information is recorded in all paperwork
  • A caring, supportive and patient nature
  • Confidence around children, young people and adults
  • Ability to give direction and supervision to other members of the team.

Required Qualifications  

Find out more information on qualifications for this role with Social Care Wales. 

You will also need to be registered with Social Care Wales. You can apply to register or search the register online. 

Training programmes

If you’re considering a career in care, we have a range of training programmes available to help you get started.

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