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Lorna Jones

Care Home Manager

After joining the sector in a part-time role, Lorna has been working in care for over 10 years but wishes she had considered it a lot sooner. Alongside her role as the manager of Meddyg Care Dementia Home in Criccieth, she shares her passion for the sector through her role as a WeCare Ambassador.

Q&A with Lorna

What do you enjoy most about working in care?

It can be very emotional at times, but it’s a great feeling knowing that you’ve done something positive for someone else.

What is something you can share that might help someone considering a career in care?

Give it a go. There are people who join the sector thinking that they won’t enjoy it, but after two to three weeks, they realise they don’t want to do anything else and know they’ve made the right choice!

How important is your role as a WeCare Ambassador?

It’s important to get the message out there to show everyone how important the sector is and what you can achieve. There are so many different parts to care which people don’t recognise.

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