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02 March 2022

Welsh guitarist lends song to WeCare Wales

Callum Alexander Bromage from the band “The Now”, leads a busy life. By day, the Swansea based 24-year-old plays lead guitar in an up and coming band – a band who have already worked with Grammy award winning producers.

But Callum also dedicates his time to another important role, caring for his brother Jordan, who has learning difficulties and is unable to complete basic every-day tasks.

Callum has cared for his brother informally since they were children but since his 18 birthday has done so professionally.

Attending to Jordan’s needs is second nature to Callum, and he has seen first-hand the importance of carers and the difference they can make to people’s lives.


Callum explains:

“My brother is basically like a new-born child. He can’t communicate and needs to be fed and changed.

“Since I was young, we have always had carers coming in and out of the house so it’s always been normal for me, it was great turning 18 so I could become a professional carer.

“Me and my brother have a strong bond and I know how to make him feel comfortable so it’s really enjoyable caring for him.”


And it’s for this reason his band ‘The Now’ were delighted to be approached by WeCare Wales to ask for permission to feature their latest song ‘Loosen Up’ in their new TV campaign, which is airing across terrestrial tv.

The advert showcases a young man taking his first steps towards an apprenticeship in care. It highlights the world of possibility an apprenticeship in care can afford young people, the variety in the role and the range of people who benefit from the work.

As of September 2021, there were 31,395 apprenticeships in Wales – 25% of which were in health and social care, making it the biggest sector for apprenticeships.


Callum says:

“I’m so proud to be involved in a great campaign which raises awareness of people in care. It’s so rewarding and beneficial to be working in an environment which I’m so comfortable in. I think the advert can convince people to take on such a rewarding opportunity.

“I really recommend young people to take on such a unique and rewarding opportunity in care.”


Andrew Bell, programme manager for WeCare Wales says:

‘We were thrilled when The Now agreed for us to use their song, as it really reflects the energy and enthusiasm that many of our care apprentices bring to the sector. It’s even more fitting that Callum has personal experience of caring for his brother and it feels right that The Now and WeCare Wales were able to come together for this important campaign.’


Listen to the band’s song “Loosen Up” on our apprenticeship page.

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