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19 December 2023

Volunteering to support social care career pathways

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A free webinar for organisations looking to develop volunteering opportunities that could support someone’s journey into a social care career.

Volunteering can give people the experience and confidence they need to pursue a career in health and social care. Are you able to support people along their journey?

If so, you may like to join our webinar on Monday 29 January 2024, 12 – 1 pm.

Background to the webinar

We offer a free online, three-day programme, called Introduction to Social Care. This is open to anyone over 18 and living in Wales. Following completion of the programme, pathways include: employment, education and volunteering.

Volunteering provides an opportunity to support the social care sector and build up experience and skills. Conversely, existing volunteers with social care organisations can enrol for the programme to extend their knowledge and perhaps to seek employment in social care.

Aims of the session

This informative session will highlight the importance of volunteering to enable individuals to develop their interests and experience in the sector.

It will outline the Introduction to Social Care programme and raise awareness of what those who have completed the course can bring to an organisation for which they might choose to volunteer.

It will discuss what organisations can offer to participants who are interested in volunteering.

Who should attend?

Organisations are encouraged to attend the webinar that can offer volunteering placements for individuals who are looking to gain experience in social care. This may be short-term or longer-term opportunities, in one or more settings and working with one or more client groups. Appropriate policies and support structures need to be in place.

County Voluntary Council (CVC) volunteer centre staff are encouraged to attend. They have a key role in advising and supporting individuals into volunteering opportunities that are relevant to their interests and needs and are also able to identify and encourage organisations to develop their volunteering offer.

It would also be of interest to employability work coaches who refer individuals into the programme and to regional care career connectors.

The session is organised by Helpforce Cymru at WCVA and WeCare Wales.

You can reserve a place for this event or email with any queries.

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