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Introductory courses in social care and childcare

Are you considering working in social care or childcare?

Do you feel you need to gain skills and understanding of the roles available?

Find out more about the WeCare Wales training available to you.

About the training

We are running a funded training programme for people interested in working in social care (and living in Wales) called an Introduction to social care.

The three-day training is available for anyone living in Wales and it will take place on-line with a workbook to complete.

The times are from 9:45am-2:30pm.

The training will cover the essentials you need to start working in social care such as communication, safeguarding and working practices. When you start working in the sector, you will also receive extra support and training from your employer.

If you are unable to access the on-line training or require support, please contact us at contact@wecare.wales.

If you are unsure about a career in social care, there is a tool you can use to help you explore this and see what the work is like www.WeCare.wales/a-question-of-care-intro/.

To work within the social care sector, you will need to have some checks to make sure you are suitable to work in the care sector. This will include something called a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check to make sure you can work in social care. Certain roles also require Social Care Wales registration.

This programme is not an accredited qualification in health and social care. For more information on sponsorships and working rights please visit www.gov.uk


At the end of the programme our work coach can help signpost you for further support and opportunities. If you have completed all three days, you can access the guaranteed interview scheme giving you the opportunity to arrange interviews directly with employers signed up to the scheme. Please refer to the employers list to find opportunities in your area.

The training is free and fully funded, but you will not get paid for attending. You will receive vital skills and knowledge as you start your journey into social care.

Course dates available
Guaranteed interview scheme for employers

More than 50 employers have signed up to a new scheme to help more people get work in social care.

The scheme, which is run by WeCare Wales, will help anyone who’s completed the Introduction to Social Care programme get an interview, making it easier for them to get a job in social care.

The scheme is a partnership with social care employers across Wales and helps both people looking for jobs and employers.

It speeds up the hiring process, so people can get into work more quickly and gives them the advantage over other people applying for the same jobs.

It also helps employers find the right people for the right jobs, and means they can choose people who are really interested in social care work.

How it works

When people complete the Introduction to social care programme, they’re paired with a WeCare Wales work coach.

The coach will run regular work ready workshops to help candidates sharpen their CV, application forms and interview skills, so they’re ready to take their first steps in a social care career.

Participants can also work with their coach to identify further training, identify suitable roles, or pathways into social care, as well as use the guaranteed interview list to help match employers and participants into suitable interview opportunities in their area.

“An excellent scheme”

The scheme launched in July after a successful pilot with Newport-based Pobl Group, a non-profit housing, care and support provider. Pobl has already placed three people through the guaranteed interview scheme.

Richard Barnes, Head of Talent Attraction at Pobl, said:

“It’s an excellent scheme that gives a strong induction to the sector. The people we’ve hired so far have excellent attitudes, good understanding of their new roles and have bright futures ahead of them.”

Get involved

Are you struggling to employ new team members? We want to help you create a talent pool of workers. 

If you’re a social care employer who wants to join the scheme or find out more, please email: contact@wecare.wales or sign up to our next webinar:

Guaranteed Interview Webinar, 8 September between 10-11am

16+ Further education programme

Are you a further education Health and Social Care teacher? Are your students 16 plus and interested in learning more about social care or considering a future career in social care or social work? We have developed a two day programme specifically for students studying health and social care as part of further education. Sessions are subject to availability and are delivered online.

The training will cover:
• what is social care?
• roles within social care
• qualities and expectations of a social
care worker
• finding a job in social care
• duty of care, risk and safeguarding
• Social Services and Wellbeing (Wales)
Act 2014
• multi Agency working
• communication and barriers
• confidentiality and consent
• promoting independence
• personal resilience and wellbeing.

To discuss availability of our college programme or if you have questions please contact Sam Thomas on 02920780543 or Liz Tibbatts on 02920 675691 or email introductiontosocialcare@socialcare.wales

Employers list


Blaenau Gwent











Merthyr Tydfil


Neath Port Talbort



  • C&C healthcare
    Domiciliary care and residential care home
    Telephone: 07568132047


Rhondda Cynon Taf



Vale of Glamorgan

Wales wide



Are you interested in working in social care? 

Do you need to write or update a CV, advice on filling in application forms for social care roles or want to build your confidence with interviews? 

We are offering free online workshops to support you in the social care recruitment process. 

Click here for our next available dates

About the training

The Introduction to Childcare course gives an overview of working in childcare and early years. It introduces core areas you need to start working in childcare, offers an insight into career options and explains what qualities workers need.  

Each course has guest speakers and ambassadors who bring to life the reality of working in childcare and early years.  

Following completion of the course, we will work alongside Careers Wales to support you in your search for employment and training. When you start working in the sector, you will also receive extra support and training from your employer. 

To work within childcare, you will need to have some checks to make sure you are suitable to work in the sector. We will help you with these. This will include something called a Disclosure and Barring System (DBS) check to make sure you can work in childcare. 

The course content includes: 

  • roles and responsibilities of childcare and early years workers 
  • overview of job roles and settings  
  • children’s rights  
  • well-being  
  • working in child-centred ways  
  • play 
  • Welsh language and communication  
  • health and safety  
  • infection prevention and control 
  • safeguarding
  • Professional Association for Childcare and Early Years (PACEY) providing specific information on becoming a Childminder 
  • ambassadors
  • employability advice and support from Careers Wales.

Course details:

Cost – Free –  

Durations – Two consecutive days between 10am-2pm 

Restrictions – You must be over 18 and live in Wales 

Qualification – No minimum qualification requirements  

Location – Online (Zoom) 

Things to know:

This is not an accredited qualification. 

For sponsorships and working rights – please visit Welsh Government.

Getting into work:

At the end of the programme we will stay in touch with you to provide you with useful resources and assist and support you in looking for available vacancies. We can’t guarantee you will get a job in childcare, but you will be in a good position to find employment. 

For enquiries or further information, please contact: introductiontochildcare@socialcare.wales

Course dates available

Follow up

If you are on an employability scheme (for example through Workways or Job Centre Plus), they may be able to help with any travel expenses for attending interviews.

We want to know how well our training works. We will contact you a month after you have completed the course to get some feedback and see if you have been successful in getting a job.

Jobs available

Employers have been asked to register any job vacancies they have on www.WeCare.wales/jobs. You can apply for these before, during or after attending the training course, but completing the course will help you to be ‘job ready’.

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