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10 February 2022

Meet Ellis Hammond, our new team member

Ellis is WeCare Wales representative for Powys and the newest member to our team. We have seven representatives across Wales, including North Wales, Powys, West Glamorgan, Cardiff and Vale, Cwm Taf Morgannwg, Gwent and West Wales.

They help raise awareness and understanding of social care, early years and childcare. They attract more people with the right skills and values to work in caring roles with children and adults. Ellis has had some great hands-on experience and can hopefully inspire others to make similar choices.


When did you start your career in care?

I decided to do health and social care at A-level. After passing my A-levels, a friend of mine asked whether I’d be interested in working in a medium secure forensic mental health unit. At 18, I thought why not give it a go.

I was working with prisoners from high secure units such as Broadmoor, Rampton and Ashworth. This was a big eye opener. Here, I worked with many people in different caring roles, and it was from this experience I started to consider a career path in care.


What job roles have you had in care?

After working at the mental health unit, I worked in a residential care home for adults with learning disabilities and progressed to become a team leader. This role led me to support a young man, and I then became his personal assistant for many years.

I have also worked with children in special education needs schools. This role was challenging but because of my experience working in mental health I was able to deal with the more challenging behaviours, from helping them with schoolwork to restraining.

I joined the WeCare team in November 2021. I enjoy helping recruit people like myself into the sector. I am lucky that I can share the experiences I’ve had, and with this I’m able to relate well with other young people and hopefully change their perception of care.


Tell us about Powys?

In Powys they offer a social worker scheme called “Grow Our Own initiative” which supports the entry onto the Open University Undergraduate Degree in Social Work programme which I will start next year. During my spare time, I enjoy spending time outdoors. I love to camp, hike, visit the Elan Valley, reservoirs, and dams. There’s a big bird watching community here too, where you can see a lot of red kites.


What has been your highlight so far?

Breaking people’s limitations and giving them the opportunity to see the world from a perspective they never thought they could. When I was a personal assistant I worked with a young man, we went on many adventures like going to festivals and skiing holidays.

I also worked with an individual who had a brain injury from playing sports. His mobility car was an Audi Q5 Quottro and I got to drive it everywhere we went!


What’s your plans for the future?

Once I completed my social work degree and have gained a few years’ experience, I want to move to either New Zealand or Canada. Gaining a professional qualification in health and social care in the UK is very desirable to south pacific countries, as we’re one of the leading countries in this sector. I also have family in New Zealand, so this is a huge attraction for me.

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