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26 April 2023

Check your thinking: supporting anti-racist practice in children’s social care

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Check your thinking: supporting anti-racist practice in children’s social care

This session is held by ExChange Wales and is aimed at practitioners, professionals and carers, and promotes resources that have been developed to support anti-racist-practice in children’s social care. In the webinar they will explain the thinking behind the resources and how you can engage with these as an individual and with others that you work with and alongside. They will also discuss why this work matters and begin to help you to think through your understanding of racism, what we need to understand about particular groups and how we can check our thinking to support them better.

Remote webinar on May 2, 2023 at 12pm - Register here

For more in-depth learning, you can register for free workshops in North and South Wales:

How confident are you that  you could recognise an incident of racism if you saw it? What makes an interaction racist? How comfortable are you discussing issues about racism? Would you be comfortable speaking out?

This session is aimed at practitioners, professionals and carers and invites you to check your thinking about racism, stereotypes and racist assumptions, and what it means to be anti-racist. In a supportive environment we will facilitate discussion and engage with issues raised in our anti-racist practice resources, along with other activities.

We aim to support your understanding, help develop your confidence, and help you to think about what you can do as your commitment to change and promote an anti-racist approach.

Visit Exchange Wales’s resource page for more information.

Workshop in Cardiff - 23 May 2023, 1-4pm - Book here

Workshop in Bangor - 6 June 2023, 9:30am-12:30pm - Book here

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