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30 April 2022

“Avril has changed my life”

We recently met with Avril Bowen, from Carmarthenshire who tells us about her roles in Home-based childcare.

How did you become a Nanny?

I was a Childminder for 20 years until my husband and I decided to go into semi-retirement. We wanted to move to the countryside, however I had one parent I’d formed a close bond with who still wanted my support as she was having her fourth child. This is how I became a Nanny for Kate and her family and I felt this fitted perfectly into my life.

Tell us about the family you support

Kate is a Social Worker and is currently on maternity leave. I regularly visit the family to get to know her newborn son Finn, so that we are comfortable with one another when Kate goes back to work.

I know the family well. When I was a Childminder, I cared for all of Kate’s three other children, Jackson who’s turning 18 years old soon, Cruz 11 and Frankie 10. They have become part of my extended family. Kate reached out for my support when she was studying towards her social work degree and needed the extra childcare support for her to complete her degree. I cared for Kate’s children for around 10 years in total which shows how important childminders and nannies can be for parents.

Three Children in front of a fountain
I have never really had any family around me for support. Avril has been a blessing, she’s an angel and she’s like a grandmother to my children.
My job isn’t always 9-5pm. Avril has always been flexible and understanding and has been a vital part of my life. My eldest son is extremely energetic and Avril has the patience and resilience of a saint. All my children love going to her. On my days off, they would feel disappointed they wouldn’t be going over to see her because it was constantly activities, play and taking them places. She’s like family to them, she’s one in a million.

Tell us about your time as a Childminder

During my time as a Childminder, I cared for around 40 children and some for over 10 years. I found work life balance difficult with three young children of my own and it wasn’t until someone else told me that I would make a great childminder I started considering it as a career.

I became a Childminder when my three daughters were seven, four and two years of age. I became very busy and found myself picking up a lot of work from word of mouth or the local schools when dropping and picking up the children. This is where I’d meet other mothers and they’d see how I’d interact with the children.

What makes a good Nanny?

If you have patience, flexibility, and a love for children, you will love this job. You might need to cater for all ages so it’s important to be adaptable. I was always learning and would attend courses to help me understand different signs of behavioral development.

There have been so many happy memories. My philosophy is that there isn’t a bad day at work when you’re surrounded by children as their happiness always brings joy. They make you smile all the time and uplift your day.

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