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WeCare Ambassadors

The role of a WeCare Ambassador is to raise the profile of social care and early years. WeCare Ambassadors help educate people about the different career options and progression opportunities available within the sector.

What is a WeCare Ambassador?

WeCare Ambassadors are people working in social care and early years. By sharing their passion for care, our WeCare Ambassadors champion the people working in our sector whilst encouraging others to consider a career in care.

Whether it’s inspiring school leavers to consider the possibilities of a career in care or attending job fairs to talk to people about a change of career, our WeCare Ambassadors are helping us to transform the future of care.

This can involve:

  • Presentations to school or college students
  • Informal talks or discussions
  • Attending career or job fairs, events or conferences. 
What are the benefits as an employer?

As well as supporting an employee to share their passion and skills with others, there are many benefits for organisations employing a WeCare Ambassador, such as:

  • Developing and motivating staff
  • Making a positive contribution to the development of the future workforce
  • Raising the profile of the organisation as a quality employer.

Our WeCare Ambassadors are an effective and powerful recruitment tool. They make sure the sector continues to attract the right people with the right values. If you have a stand out employee you can nominate them to become an ambassador.

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How do I become a WeCare Ambassador?

We are looking for people who can motivate and inspire people to make a difference by considering a career in care.

WeCare Ambassadors can be at any career level but must be confident, committed, and good communicators. As this role is voluntary, you will need your employer’s support.

Become a WeCare Ambassador

Meet Rachel Williams, WeCare Ambassador

Rachel joined the sector as a Classroom Assistant and quickly realised how much she enjoyed making a difference to children’s lives and seeing them develop. She now supports families through Flying Start in Anglesey and shares her passion for working in early years and childcare as a WeCare Ambassador.

Q1: What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced over the last year?

“We weren’t able to see families face-to-face so we had to adapt quite quickly to make sure that they were still getting the support they needed.”

Q2: How do you make a difference through your role as a WeCare Ambassador?

“I get to share my passion to promote the sector and also help people who may not know what roles there are and what they want to go into.”

Q3: What qualities do you need to be a WeCare Ambassador?

“Anyone who has a passion for working in care and wants to help others get into the sector can be a WeCare Ambassador.”

Meet Lorna Jones, WeCare Ambassador

After joining the sector in a part-time role, Lorna has been working in care for over 10 years but wishes she had considered it a lot sooner. Alongside her role as the manager of Meddyg Care Dementia Home in Criccieth, she shares her passion for the sector through her role as a WeCare Ambassador.

Q1: What do you enjoy most about working in care?

“It can be very emotional at times, but it’s a great feeling knowing that you’ve done something positive for someone else.”

Q2: What is something you can share that might help someone considering a career in care?

“Give it a go. There are people who join the sector thinking that they won’t enjoy it, but after two to three weeks, they realise they don’t want to do anything else and know they’ve made the right choice!”

Q3: How important is your role as a WeCare Ambassador?

“It’s important to get the message out there to show everyone how important the sector is and what you can achieve. There are so many different parts to care which people don’t recognise.”

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