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Therapeutic Foster Carer

As a Therapeutic Foster Carer you will support the child’s behaviour and development.

Being a Therapeutic Foster Carer

Children with more complex needs sometimes require a different level of care, and that’s where therapeutic placements come in.

As a Therapeutic Carer you and the child will receive extra support and will work together with a therapeutic team to understand and support the child’s behaviour and development.

About the workplace

You will work from home and be supported by an office-based team in their local authority or fostering agency. Supervising social workers will guide you and identify support needs and opportunities for learning and development appropriate to the children in your care.

Required Qualifications

No qualifications needed.

To become a foster carer you will be assessed by a social worker and approved as a foster carer with your local authority or fostering agency.

Getting started as Therapeutic Foster Carer

Foster Wales is a national network of 22 Welsh Local Authority fostering services. They're part of your local community, and offer expert local support and guidance. 


  • keep children local wherever possible
  • are one team
  • not for profit.

Training programmes

If you’re considering a career in care, we have a range of training programmes available to help you get started.