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Social Services Team Manager

As a Social Work Team Manager, you’ll be responsible for the day-to-day management of a social work team.

Being a Social Work Team Manager

You’ll provide leadership, guidance and support to a team of social workers and sometimes other health and social care staff, helping them develop their confidence and resilience. You’ll provide guidance and recommendations, ensuring the most appropriate action is taken in response to referrals received.

You’ll regularly supervise staff, carry out performance appraisals and support their professional growth. You’ll also ensure that staff adhere to policies, legislation and regulations.

You’ll provide advice to the public and other professionals. You’ll chair meetings and ensure that written plans and records are accurate and up to date for all those individuals your team supports. You may also manage resources and budgets.

About the workplace

Teams can work with children, families, those with mental health problems or with older people; they might be based in local communities or in central council offices. You and your team will work to achieve the best possible outcomes for people needing support.

Helen Dobson

Social Work Team Manager responsibilities

To be successful in this role you'll need:

  • management and leadership skills, including supervision and coaching
  • good communication and interpersonal skills
  • a flexible approach to work and be able to respond to competing priorities
  • the ability to think critically and be creative and solution-focussed
  • the ability to build effective relationships and develop rapport with professionals and public
  • tact, empathy and patience
  • a non-judgemental attitude and a commitment to responding to all with a sense of fair play
  • compassion, resilience and a readiness to deal with difficult situations
  • computer literacy
  • good time management and administrative and reporting skills
  • finance management skills

Required Qualifications

Find the required or recommended qualifications for this role with Social Care Wales.

Visit Social Care Wales 

Registration with Social Care Wales is required if the team manager is a Social Worker. 

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