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Practice Lead Swansea Council
Location: Swansea
Full Time

Please note we are only able to accept applications that have been submitted on a Swansea Council job application form. Please apply for this role on the https://www.swansea.gov.uk/swanseajobs website direct. If you apply through the Wecare website your application will not be considered.

SPOC is a multi-agency team made up of several hubs, IIAA (Integrated Information Advice and Assistance), ISH (Integrated Safeguarding Hub), FWT (Family Wellbeing Team), DAH (Domestic Abuse Hub) and the CMET Hub (Contextual, Missing, Exploited and Trafficked Hub).

All of the Hubs within SPOC have a shared purpose of assisting families in Swansea to live happy, healthy and safe lives with help from the right people at the right time; if and when they need it.

The DAH is a multi-disciplinary hub and comprises of Social Workers, Independent Domestic Violence Advisors (IDVA), Lead Workers and Equilibrium Programme Facilitators.

Our approach follows the principles of the Social Services and Well Being Act (Wales) 2014, which focusses on working with people, in partnership, to meet their needs and prevent them from escalating.

The role of the Practice Lead in the Domestic Abuse Hub will be to:

• Make threshold decisions in respect of referrals received via the inbox, considering all the information presented in the referral in the context of the family’s history, previous referrals/ assessments and plans.
• Make next steps decisions and provide both advice and guidance to Social Workers whilst they are taking information over the phone or in person by helping them explore and consider additional questions that could be asked to gather enough information around the worries, complicating factors, strengths and wellbeing goals.
• Task the referrals to the most appropriate person within the team and provide them with advice on how to undertake the tasks.
• Review the information that Social Workers have gathered through their discussions with families and agencies in order to determine whether the needs can be best met via EIP services, or whether a case requires either a child protection response in line with the Wales safeguarding procedures or whether there are eligible care and support needs that cannot be met via EIP services
• Represent Child and Family Services at the Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference.
• Chairing meetings such as family network meetings or step up meetings from the Early Help Hub.
• Liaise with Practice Leads/Senior worker’s from Supported Care Planning and the Early Help Hub’s when transferring cases to their area of service.
• Supporting staff to develop wellbeing plans with families to prevent the escalation of need.
• Provide supervision to the Social Workers in the team.
• Support in the development of contextual safeguarding approach by helping Social Worker’s identify areas that may be a risk when they are receiving initial information.
• Maintain positive links with partner agencies.

For further information about this post, please contact Katie Davies, Hub Manager Katie.davies2@swansea.gov.uk