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Social Services

Social services help hold communities in Wales together. But what does it involve, and who does it help? This page gives a clear introduction to social services in Wales. We also have advice for anyone looking for a social services job, or people who are interested in gaining qualifications and training for the job.


What are Social Services?

Social services exist to provide support that’s focused on improving the well-being of families, children, adults and carers.

One of the key roles within social services is a social worker. A social worker must have a degree in social work and be registered with Social Care Wales. They’re trained in giving support which can help people make changes and solve personal and social problems.

Support may include specialist or multi-agency work, such as information, advice, and assistance services. There are also Emergency Duty Teams (EDT), safeguarding teams and mental health services. Support is given in whichever setting it is needed, so social workers might find themselves working in homes, schools, hospitals or within other public sector, private or voluntary organisations.

Though the role of social services is complex and varied, it is underpinned by providing vital care and support. They provide a voice for families, children, adults and carers, creating a safe and healthy environment which promotes human rights and well-being.


How can I contact Social Services?

If you’re looking to get in touch with your local authority or a non-profit to ask about social services in Wales, the NHS 111 Wales website has a convenient local services search. Enter your town, city or postcode to find local services.

Alternatively, the Welsh Local Government Association (WLGA) provides links and contact details for all Welsh Local Authorities.

Find jobs in Social Services

There are several types of roles available in social services, such as social worker, young person’s adviser, and social services assistant. Newly qualified or experienced social workers can start their search for jobs right here on the WeCare Wales website.

You may also want to contact your local authority to check for vacancies.


Should I become a Social Worker?

Getting into social work is an admirable career choice and requires a range of skills. You’ll need excellent communication skills and resilience to face the daily challenges that this job brings. You’ll also need the capacity to learn about law, policy and social work theory when gaining your qualifications. If you have these qualities and you care about promoting well-being and improving outcomes for people, a career in social services could be right for you.

It may sound daunting or off-putting if you’re not academically inclined, but if you’re passionate and dedicated when it comes to caring for others, you could become a great social worker.  A perfect example of this is Amy from Caerphilly County Borough Council. She left school with no qualifications, but at the age of 33, having been a foster carer and call centre worker, qualified as a social worker. She now works in a job where no two days are the same, and she gets to feel job satisfaction from building relationships and empowering families.

View the Case Study – Amy, Social Worker.

To find out more about how to get qualified and trained, the Social Care Wales website contains all the information needed to get your start in this exciting, worthwhile, and challenging profession. Information on funding for social work degrees in Wales is also available.

Roles within Social Services

Social Worker

As a Social Worker, you’ll aim to improve the lives of the people you work with. You’ll support people through social and personal difficulties, while promoting their human rights and well-being.

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Social Services Practitioner

As a Social Services Assistant, you’ll work in partnership with other professionals and agencies to promote person-centred outcomes for individuals with care and support needs and within communities. This job is sometimes called a ‘Social Services Practitioner’.

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Young Person’s Advisor

As a Young Person’s Advisor, you’ll work with children aged 14+ to support their independence, resilience and ability to keep themselves safe.

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Director of Social Services

As Director of Social Services, you’ll be responsible for the service, providing strategic leadership and direction. You’ll ensure high quality service delivery for children, families and older people.

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Head of Children’s Services

As the Head of Children’s Service, you’ll set strategic direction, objectives and aims, ensuring high quality professional assessment, care planning and service delivery for children and families.

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Job vacancies in care

Wales needs more social care workers.

Many people working in social care have made the jump from jobs such as hospitality or retail. Use your transferable skills and apply for roles in your area now.

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