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Shared Lives

Shared Lives offers stability and security for people to live their best life. But what does it involve, and who does it help? This page gives a clear introduction to Shared Lives services in Wales. We also have advice for anyone looking to become a Shared Life carer.


What is Shared Lives?

Shared Lives is for people aged 18+ who want to live independently, with the added support of a family and community network.  It is an alternative to supported living or residential care.

Shared Lives carers support people in their own home for a day a week, a few days at a time and others provide long-term, live-in care and support. It’s a bit like fostering – for adults. They share family life with a person who needs support to live well. Together they help to build healthy, connected communities and promote wellbeing.


Who is supported by Shared Lives?

Shared Lives provide support to people with Learning Disabilities,  physical disabilities, living with dementia, mental ill-health, people needing to leave hospital, young people in transition from foster care, older people, as well as parent and baby placements for new parents with learning disabilities.


How do I become a Shared Life carer?

Shared Lives carers get to see the amazing difference a Shared Life can have, watch a person grow in confidence, gain more independence, learn new skills and experience a sense of belonging for the first time in their life.

When applying to become a Shared Life Carer you will go through an approval process.  Once approved Shared Lives carers are trained and become members of Shared Lives Plus which provides support and guidance.

A Shared Lives carer is carefully matched with the person who is seeking the opportunity of Shared Living. Shared interests, lifestyles and sense of humour are just some of things that are considered to ensure the right match.

“I was working 12 hours a day and missing out on family life… I’m now a Shared Lives carer – I can support someone to live their best life while playing an active role in bringing up my son”. Shared Lives carer


Finding a Shared Lives opportunity near you

For more information and to read about the impact Shared Lives carers are having all over Wales, please visit the Shared Lives website or telephone 0151 227 3499.

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