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Day Nursery and Crèche facilities

Day nurseries and crèches provide an essential service to working parents by offering childcare to children from birth. You will find more information about what they do and advice on how to find a job in day nurseries and crèches on this page.


What are Day Nurseries and Crèches?

The terms day nursery, day care and crèche are used interchangeably to describe the place where parents send their children to be taken care of during work hours in the day. The ages of the children who go to day nurseries and crèches range from as young as six weeks old upwards.

Day nurseries and creches can be run by local authorities or local communities, or they can be privately run. They offer a safe environment to support children’s play, learning and development. They can help develop sensory and exploration skills in babies. For toddlers, a focus on play helps to develop social and creative skills. Creches can also offer temporary childcare solutions for parents to attend specific events such as training, learning or even exercise classes.

Providers of day nurseries and creches in Wales are required to meet the required standards set out and enforced by Care Inspectorate Wales.


Find jobs in Day Nurseries and Crèches

If you’re ready to find your next role straight away, you can start right here by browsing the job vacancies listed on our website.

Working in day nurseries and crèches is a great option for anyone who is enthusiastic about children’s development through playing and learning. We made a video to highlight how important these workers are in helping children to reach their potential.

Working in early years can be a long and rewarding career. You will find job roles from assistant practitioner, to advanced practitioner and all the way up to manager in this field. Jane gives us some great insight about her 33-year career in early years, where she emphasises how special and worthwhile it feels. You can watch Jane’s video here.

If you’re looking to take your first step into working in day nurseries, NDNA Cymru provide support, information and training:

Early Years Wales provide support and guidance on their website to members and individuals who are interested in, employed or volunteer in the childcare sector:

You can find information on how Clybiau Plant Cymru Kids’ Clubs help communities in Wales by promoting, developing and supporting quality, affordable, accessible out of school childcare clubs on their website:

Mudiad Meithrin also offer training support on their website:

We also recommend watching Ahmed's video on A Question of Care: a Career for YOU to find out what a career in day nurseries and crèches are like.

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Roles within Day Nursery and Crèche facilities

Below are some of the jobs available within Day nursery and creche facilities.

Assistant Practitioner

As an Assistant Practitioner you’ll be working under supervision providing care for children.

About this role


As a Practitioner you’ll be trained to develop a stimulating environment that will help children to thrive.

About this role


As the Manager of a day nursery or creche you’ll lead the programme delivery and ensure its run at the benefit and well-being of the children.

About this role

Advanced Practitioner

As an Advanced Practitioner you’ll be responsible for providing day care for children.

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Job vacancies in care

Wales needs more social care workers.

Many people working in social care have made the jump from jobs such as hospitality or retail. Use your transferable skills and apply for roles in your area now.

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