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Home-based Childcare

Home-based childcare is where children are cared for and looked after within a home-based environment. This could be in their own home with, for example, a nanny, or at their childminder’s home.  You will find more information about what they do and advice on how to find a job as a nanny or childminder on this page.


What is Home-based Childcare?

Home-based childcare is when parents chose for their children to be taken care of in a home environment, either in a childminders home or in their own home being looked after by a nanny.

Nannies provide care for one or more children in a family home and are employed through a personal contract with parents. They may live-in or live-out of the home, this will depend upon the needs of the family.

Childminders are self-employed and are registered to provide childcare for children under the age of 12 for more than two hours a day, within the childminder’s home.


Who regulates Home-based Childcare?

Childminders must be registered with Care Inspectorate Wales and there is a voluntary approval scheme for nannies to register. For more information, please visit the Care Inspectorate Wales website.


Find Home-based Childcare jobs

Working as a childminder or nanny is a great option for anyone who is enthusiastic about children’s development through playing and learning. Amanda, who changed career from a high-pressured office job to childminder to combine work and family life, gives some insight to the role.

Working in early years can be a long and rewarding career. You will find job roles from nanny, to foster carer and all the way up to manager in this field. Gaynor gives us some great insight about her 30-year career in childminding, where she emphasises how special and worthwhile it feels. You can watch Gaynor’s video here.

If you’re looking to take your first steps to working in home-based childcare, The Professional Association for Childcare and Early Years in Wales (PACEY Cymru) can guide you on how to get started.

Roles within Home-based Childcare

Below are some of the jobs available within the Homebased Childcare sector.


As a registered Childminder, you’ll provide childcare for children under the age of 12 for more than two hours a day, within your own home.

About this role


As a Nanny you’ll be a qualified child carer or be experienced in caring for children. You may be employed on a live-in or live-out of the home basis.

About this role

Job vacancies in care

Wales needs more social care workers.

Many people working in social care have made the jump from jobs such as hospitality or retail. Use your transferable skills and apply for roles in your area now.

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