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Introduction to social care

We are running a funded training course for people interested in working in social care.

Karima, Home Care Worker in PPE

About the training course

The four-day training course is available for anyone living in Wales and it will take place on-line with a tutor. You will need to be available to attend the four full days of training.

The training will cover the essentials you need to start working in social care such as communication and safe working practices. When you start working, you will also receive extra support and training from your employer.

If you are unable to access the on-line training or require support, please contact us at contact@wecare.wales.

How to get on the training course

First, you will need to register your details on WeCare Wales and apply for the training course. You will then be contacted and invited to an informal telephone interview – this will give you a chance to ask about working in social care, the training and jobs available.

If you are not sure about a career in care, there is a tool you can use to help you explore this and see what the work is like www.WeCare.wales/a-question-of-care-intro/.

You will need to have some checks to make sure you are suitable to work in the care sector, we will help you with these. This will include something called a DBS check which will make sure you do not have a criminal record which would prevent you from working in social care.

Employers, if you have employees you would like to include on the training course please complete the form on our employers news page.

Next dates

New dates to be released in the new year.

Jobs available

Employers have been asked to register any job vacancies they have on www.WeCare.wales/jobs. You can apply for these before, during or after attending the training course, but completing the course will help you to be ‘job ready’.

At the end of the course, we will help you look for available vacancies. We can’t guarantee you will get a job in social care, but you will be in a good position to find employment.

Payment for training

The training is free and fully funded, but you will not get paid for attending. However, some employers may pay you for your training time once you have worked for a few months – you should ask about this if you get a job interview.

Follow up

If you are on an employability scheme (for example through Workways or Job Centre Plus), they may be able to help with any travel expenses for attending interviews.

We want to know how well our training works. We will contact you a month after you have completed the course to get some feedback and see if you have been successful in getting a job in social care.

Register your interest

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