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We care Will you?

Courteney Farley from Pineshield gives us a taster of her role as a Home Care Worker and how she makes a difference to people's day everyday. We'd like to thank Tommy Rhys-Powell for acting as the care receiver in this TV advert, Tommy's from The Hijinx Actors.

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Gaynor Richards

Gaynor began childminding after having two children of her own and being asked by some of her friends if she could look after their children too.

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Susan James
Senior Childcare Development Officer

Susan works for the Family Information Service supporting the childcare sector and parents in accessing the services they need.

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Ann Davies
Co-owner of Cwtsh Y Clos

Ann Davies has always worked with children and was a Peripatetic Music Teacher before qualifying as a Childcare Practitioner. She started the Cwtch y Clos in 2014 to offer childcare to families that has an outdoor environment, animals and a farm ethos as being part of the childrens care.

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Naomi Lovesay
Monmouthshire County Council

In 2019, Naomi helped launch the Social Care and Health Apprenticeship Scheme within Monmouthshire County Council to create a pathway for those interested in a career in care.

Naomi used her own experience from studying as a physiotherapist to create a rotational placement approach so that apprentices could gain experience in a wide variety of roles to help them find the right profession for them within care.

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Gareth John
Youth Worker (former Apprentice)

Gareth always had a passion for working with young people and found his calling as a Youth Worker thanks to his apprenticeship with Ceredigion County Council.

It wasn’t long after joining the scheme that Gareth realised how important the role of Youth Workers play in the lives of many vulnerable young people.

Gareth believes the experience he gained during his apprenticeship was a crucial stepping stone to begin his career in social care.

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Naomi Frere
Student Social Worker (former Apprentice)

Naomi experienced the care system first hand growing up in foster care and wanted to use her experiences to help other young people in similar situations.

While working for her local council’s finance department, the apprenticeship provided Naomi with the perfect opportunity to begin a career in social care while crucially allowing her to continue to earn a wage.

The qualification Naomi gained from her apprenticeship gave her the additional UCAS points she required to apply for an undergraduate place at University of South Wales where she is now a third year Student Social Worker.

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Emily Free
Student Social Worker (former Apprentice)

After completing her undergraduate degree in English Literature, Emily applied for an apprenticeship in social care to find a career where she could make a difference.

Despite having no previous experience in the sector, the apprenticeship provided Emily with a hands-on and nurturing learning environment where she could shadow experienced professionals and senior practitioners.

Upon completion of her apprenticeship, Emily enrolled on a Masters degree in Social Care at Cardiff University with the hope of qualifying as a social worker.

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Wales needs more social care workers.

Many people working in social care have made the jump from jobs such as hospitality or retail. Use your transferable skills and apply for roles in your area now.

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