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Learn more about Helen Greenwood

Helen Greenwood

Helen Greenwood

Nursery Leader

Helen is a Nursery Leader at Ysgol Feithrin Pontypool and is passionate about teaching the next generation through the medium of Welsh. She is responsible for planning daily activities to help the children learn, keeping the children safe and making sure the nursery is a safe and suitable environment for all.

Question 1: Why is it important for Welsh speakers to work in childcare?

“Parents really value a community nursery which teaches through the medium of Welsh and as more and more families choose Welsh medium education, we need more Welsh speakers training to work in the non-maintained preschool sector”

Question 2: What does your role involve?

“I am responsible for planning daily activities, keeping the children safe and making sure the nursery is suitable for everyone.”

Question 3: Do you enjoy your job?

“It’s the best thing I’ve ever done. It’s been fantastic!”

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