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Alaw Paul

Alaw Paul

Youth Support Worker

Alaw decided she wanted to work with young people after volunteering with the Young Farmers Association and a summer working in Camp America. Having also worked as a family support worker for Barnado’s, she now works as a Youth Support Worker at Gwynedd Youth Service, working with young adults.

Question 1: What does your role involve?

“Educating young people aged 11 to 25 in schools and out in the community through working on different projects and offering support when needed.”

Question 2: How are you supported in your career?

“I mostly work out in the community so I’m not often in an office, but I have great support from the wider team at the end of emails or on the phone.”

Question 3: Why is it important to have young people working in care?

“I have good relationships with the young people because I’m young. They find it easier to trust me, as I’m not that much older than a lot of them and understand what they’re going through.”

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